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Ok, I know that’s a corny title. But what better way to announce our launch then with a countdown???

Today Laurel and I got together with our dogs, Charlie (the big black dog on the right) and Duke (the smaller white dog on the left). Our furry friends have actually never been introduced to each other before and we were both a little nervous about their first meeting, since they are both young and playful. We meet at a local park and and started with a forward motion walk and then gradually let the doggos sniff each other and get closer together. It worked!!! Before we knew it they were playing together as if they were from the same litter. We got some glorious shots of the little beastie’s wrestling match so be sure to check our Instagram later for a picture or two (find us @whatisdogcast).

Well, after some walks, some swimming (on Duke’s part only) and a little picnic, Laurel turned to me with a determined look in her eye and said, “I think we should launch today.”

So after a brief moment of not-so-careful consideration, I said something along the lines of “Okay, why not? Let’s meet during lunch tomorrow and get everything ready.”

But like I said, Laurel was determined. “Let’s do it today! There’s really no reason not to!”

She was 100% right.

Our photographer (aka my brand-spanking-new husband) had taken lots of photos of us at the park, so there we were, armed with a ready-to-go website, an Instagram account, and two fully edited episodes. The time was, and is, right!

So here I am, drafting our first full blog to announce the official launch of What is dog. We’ll be releasing new episodes every Monday (except when we get super busy or lazy - we are full-time humans after all) and posting some fun pictures and blogs throughout the week. We hope you enjoy our podcast, and if you do, please take part by emailing us your dog stories at dogcasters@whatisdog.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

In the doghouse.

In the doghouse.